Once, HBO regular Michael Kostroff dreaded auditions.

Now, he teaches actors how to love them.

Once, HBO's Michael Kostroff dreaded auditions. Now, he teaches actors how to love them.

Audition Psych 101

“Michael's workshop does the impossible: It actually makes the actor comfortable with the audition process.” —J. R. Orlando, San Jose

Michael Kostroff was once the world's worst auditioner. Now an established pro with a thriving career that's included everything from The Wire to The Producers, he passes along the insights that took him from dreading auditions to loving them.

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"The best time I've ever had discussing the weird, unnatural process of auditioning. I'm just gonna tell you to sign up!" —Erin Nelson, New York

"It has completely changed the way I view auditions." —Chad Manuel, Chicago

"I can't wait for my next audition. (Holy mackerel, did I just write that?)" —Deborah Linehan, New York

In 22 bite-sized lessons, Michael puts each step of the audition process under a microscope, exposing the mental gremlins that often get in the way of our best work.

Interacting with a group of professionals, he explodes common actor mythologies using common sense, field-tested wisom, and plenty of humor, realistically reframing the way we view our most frequent activity: auditioning.

"A game changer!" —Angela Davis, Atlanta

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Michael has presented his highly popular workshop to thousands of actors all over the country for over 15 years. Now you can attend it from home. You'll learn:

Actors' most common misconceptions about casting directors.

Michael's personal audition mantra.

The dos and don'ts of preparation.

Perspecitives for managing rejection, self-doubt, and nerves.

How to take the stress out of self-taping.

Two bad audition habits to break right away.

Michael's "Golden Rule of Auditioning."

...and lots more.

"I've been raving about it to every actor I meet.” —Richard Tanner, Los Angeles

What's it like?

Click below for a brief glimpse inside the classroom:

"I have been in the biz a long time. This is a must." —Heather Christie, Vancouver

Register now, and fall in love with auditioning all over again

"You will never spend better money on your career." —Kerri-Anne Lavin, Los Angeles

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